Curated Japan

Need a Japan Trip Plan or Travel Itinerary? Here are Japan travel experts who have curated the internet to create simple, easy-to-use, Japan travel itineraries for those who prefer to travel on their own.

Click here for: Curated Japan

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Reflexology Relief

Reflexology is about so much more than just foot massage.  It’s a proven technique to enhance circulation so that the body can heal itself.  Based on the ancient study of body meridians, key points on the foot correspond to places in your body that need healing. The reflexologist works carefully and sensitively to stimulate these points so that natural healing energy is release.

See the site here: Reflexology Relief

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Esprit Travel and Tours

Esprit Travel provides customized individual and private group tours to Japan.   Established in 1979, the company adjusted it’s business model to focus exclusively on travel to Japan in 2003 after consultation with Baraness Ventures on their ongoing business opportunities.  Leveraging their founder’s strong relationships in Japan and staff expertise levels, they segued from being a travel agency with a few tours to Japan each year to being a tour operator providing exclusive services, private introductions and cultural travel experiences.  Elaine Baran is currently the president of Esprit Travel and works directly with individual clients and private groups to provide custom tours to Japan.  You can visit their website at


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Singing From The Heart

Singing from the Heart

Dr. Carole Moskowitz’s Singing from the Heart offers a unique and personalized approach to voice and performance presentation.  Designed for professional and amateur individuals alike, her emphasis is placed on creating a deeper sense of attunement with yourself through discovery of your natural sound while experiencing the power, joy and fulfillment of your creative expression.

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My Cute Dachshund

We have two of these cuties ourselves and decided to create a website devoted to just Dachshund videos.   Using a video website template we were able to quickly create a website using WordPress and embedded videos from various video hosting sights.   If you’d like to see some cute little dogs, visit our site at

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