Custom Travel Planners Network

Custom Travel Planner

We created this website as a vehicle for providing a curated list of custom travel planners and specialists for destinations all over the world.  While there are a number of specialty lists, such as Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure A-List and Wendy Perrin’s “WOW” list, there is no central place to find multiple referrals for custom travel planners with in-depth knowledge of a destination.   This is an ongoing project, facilitated by trade show referrals, private contact, customer referrals and internet research based on an insider’s understanding of what it takes to be a great custom travel planner.   Visit Custom Travel Planner Network.

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Word Play Masters Invitational started out as a whim one Saturday night.   We’ve all gotten that email with the cute words that purports to be from the Washington Post.   It’s the same every year.   We got it from a friend one night and went to find out if it was real.  It turned out it wasn’t.   However, it made us realize that there wasn’t a website that capitalized on the natural search term.   So we registered “” and put up a 5 page website.  That was in 2010.   We were wondering if we could drive traffic to a website just by putting it up.  Let’s see if anyone will submit words without any action on our part (no SEO, no ads, no regular posts, no social media tie-ins.)  After four years we get dozens of words a week and still hold an annual contest to choose the best ones each year.

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